MaxPreps launches QwiXcore for crowdsourcing high school sports statistics

From the press release:, the online high school sports leader and a site, today announced the launch of QwiXcore, a web app dedicated to providing fans with live scoring updates from high school athletic events. Initially launching with football, the QwiXcore (pronounced Quick-Score) web app will collect and publish live scoring updates from games with an easy-to-use interface which can be operated on any Internet connected touch screen mobile device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry Torch) or notebook computers.

To input live scoring updates into the QwiXcore web app, is reaching out to high school sports enthusiasts across the nation to form an ad hoc network of "QwiXcorers". Invited scorekeepers will submit live scoring information and game updates through their mobile device which will then be published to each team's profile page on and on the MaxPreps mobile site. The MaxPreps QwiXcore mobile scoring network is designed to serve students, alumni, fans, and family both in the stands and at home who want to follow all the action from their favorite team, cross-town rival, other schools in their region, or the national scene.

Once fully formed, will become the first and only media property to provide live scoring updates for each of the approximately 16,500 high school football programs in the United States, making QwiXcore the largest ad hoc network of live sports data scorekeepers in the world.

Our Take: 

The procurement of stats is a big issue for all fantasy sports game providers. STATS, XML Team, and SportsDirect are the biggest players (that I know of) and there's not too many other options out there. This new development by MaxPreps is one of those things that makes you go "hmmmm." If MaxPreps can master the art of crowdsourcing high school stats between thousands of high school games, you actually scale down when you reach the college and pro football levels. A very interesting project, indeed.